Driving Under the Influence (DUI) and its relationship to Ignition Interlock Devices.

Earning Your Life Back Through Your Ignition Interlock Device

DUI Recovery with a Ignition Interlock Device (IID)

DUI Recovery with a Ignition Interlock Device (IID)

In the United States, almost 30 people die everyday from car accidents caused directly by drunk driving. Drunk driving fatality rates have become so alarming that more states are joining Arizona in requiring mandatory installation of ignition interlock devices into vehicles of every convicted drunk driving offender. The ignition interlock device (IID) basically works like a Breathalyzer for your car.

The ignition interlock is just about the size of a cell phone and is placed on the car’s dashboard. Before the driver can start the engine, he or she must first exhale into the ignition interlock device. This gadget then analyzes the breath-alcohol concentration (BrAC) and calculates the equivalent blood alcohol concentration (BAC). Should the blood-alcohol concentration of the driver be higher than the legal breath-alcohol concentration limit, the ignition interlock will prevent the vehicle from starting.

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MADD Pushes for Ignition Interlock Devices for First Time DUI Offenders

MADD Supports Arizona's Ignition Interlock Laws

MADD Supports Ignition Interlock Laws

Drunk driving has had a very destructive toll in Arizona and the rest of the U.S. wherein almost 30 people die on a daily basis due to drunk driving or driving under the influence. In other words, this means that there is a person killed every 48 minutes in any given day. This is not counting the destruction and injury these accidents bring on innocent drivers as well as their passengers. The destruction doesn’t just affect people in other cars but pedestrians as well. A vehicle may sway to a heavy populated location which could cause numerous people to be injured, along with the ensuing fatalities from the aftermath of the collision.

MADD Fights for Ignition Interlock Laws

Mothers Against Drunk Driving or MADD is a nonprofit organization in the United States that was formed in California in the year 1980 by Candice Lightner after she lost her 13 year old daughter to an accident involving a drunk driver. MADD is one of the largest victims-service organizations in the United States that supports victims of drunk and drugged-driving accidents as well the survivors at no charge. The vision of MADD is to stop drunk-driving by providing better education to minors as well as to support the victims who have suffered from accidents caused by drunk drivers. [Read more…]

Arizona’s Ignition Interlock Devices Reduce Recidivism Rates

Recidivism Rates Reduced by Ignition Interlock Devices in AZ and nation wide

Recidivism Rates Reduced by Ignition Interlock Devices

Whenever you come across a terrible drunk driving tragedy that involve people in a car accident, often times they involve drivers who have been multi-DUI offenders with abnormally high blood-alcohol levels. These people who are intoxicated way beyond the levels suitable to drive, are those who fall asleep on the wheel, swerve maniacally, and who stop blatantly anywhere. These are people who have endangered many people’s lives and may have taken a few of those lives in the process.

Like many of today’s offenses against the law, DUI is an offense that does not seem to put the fear of risking road accidents in people. This is made evident by the number of repeat offenders who get caught on a regular basis. These people have been a big cause of many accidents that occur in the different roads and highways all over the United States. Some accidents have taken the lives of many innocent drivers and passengers that have had the misfortune of driving at the same time and on the same roads with these drunken offenders. It is a reported fact that in a day, there is an average of 2.2 people who repeat the offense of DUI or driving under the influence. [Read more…]

What Is a DUI Ignition Interlock Arizona Device?

Quickstart Ignition Interlock AZ Monitech Devices

Quickstart Ignition Interlock AZ Monitech Devices

In Arizona, driving under the influence (DUI) has cost a lot of people their lives in driving in highways, roads, side roads, etc. It has been one of the biggest issues in road safety all across the United States. The government has produced a solution to lessening the risk of road accidents by installing a device in the cars of people who have been caught driving under the influence. This device acts to lessen the chances of accidents on the road by preventing people who have had alcohol to use their cars to travel. This device is called the DUI Ignition Interlock Device.

The ignition interlock device (IID) consists of several components or features. It has a sampling headset that fits in your palm and slightly resembles a 90’s car phone. The sampling headset has a sanitary mouthpieces that inserted in the top of the handset and are easily replaceable. The device has a coiled cable that connects the handset to a relay module that is mounted underneath the dashboard of your car or the engine compartment. [Read more…]

Tougher State DUI Penalties Reduces Fatalities

Tougher State DUI Penalties with Ignition Interlocks Reduces Fatalities

Tougher State DUI Penalties Reduces Fatalities

So many lives have been lost due to accidents caused by drivers who were intoxicated or driving under the influence. Those people who perished in these accidents left behind families who love them unconditionally and did not deserve to suffer because of another person’s lack of responsibility or consideration. My home state of Arizona had 215 alcohol-impaired driving fatalities in 2011. That is four avoidable drunk driving deaths each week.

For those who have survived accidents, their lives have never been the same as the accidents may have done permanent physical harm, wherein they may never walk again or worse.

Drunk driving or DUI is a serious offense that many people commit. A lot of them are return offenders that show a disdain for the rules and regulations of the road. What they completely forget about is that every time they drive under the influence, they risk harming innocent people who are just trying to get from point A to point B safely. [Read more…]

Arizona’s Ignition Interlock Laws Impact DUI Offenders

Arizona's Ignition Interlock Laws

An Ignition Interlock Device is a monitor device that prevents people from driving a car under the influence of drinking. This is a device that is mandatory for people to have in their vehicles when they have been suspended for driving under the influence of alcohol. When your license is suspended for a DUI offense, you will have to buy this device from a manufacturing company that will be in charge of monitoring the driving habits of the person suspended from driving. If the suspended driver fails the breath analyzer, the manufacturing company has an obligation to tell the motor vehicle department as far as a “hit” or an infringement when a driver consumes alcohol and the interlock device recognizes the substance on his or her breath. The motor vehicle department’s responsibility is to oversee and ensure that drivers have it in their cars and are using it properly for the time frame that their sentence depicts. [Read more…]

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