The Ignition Interlock Device Process / What to expect

  • Completed Revocation Package
  • Completed Suspension
  • Completed Substance Abuse Screening
  • Traffic Survival School (Does not need to be completed to install the interlock device)
  • Other Possible Requirements might include SR-22 insurance, paying fines or court fees
  • Receipt of “Ignition Interlock Order” letter from ADOT

The ignition interlock device integrates into your vehicle’s ignition systems wiring harness. Installation of the device should not have any effect on your vehicle’s warranty. Installation, if done correctly, will not cause aesthetic or mechanical damage to the vehicle. All Ignition Interlock installation technicians in the state of Arizona are required to be certified by the ignition Interlock provider. QuickStart Ignition Interlock does install on hybrid and push button start vehicles.

QuickStart Interlock does require an appointment. This is to insure an efficient and timely experience. Typically we can get you in within a day or two and sometimes can do same day appointments. Installation of an ignition interlock typically takes between 45 and 60 minutes, depending on the make and model of the vehicle. Push button start or keyless ignition vehicles, will typically take 60-90 minutes. During the installation process our representative will train you on the use of the device, as well as, the “do’s and don’ts” of the Arizona Ignition Interlock program. You must be present at time of installation.

You will need to bring a picture ID (Drivers License, Military ID, State Issued ID Card or Passport ), “Ignition interlock order” letter you received from the MVD and Vehicle registration (other valid proof of ownership will be accepted). If the vehicle is not registered in your name, simply have the registered owner fill out an authorization form and bring it with you to your installation appointment. Click here for Authorization Form.

YES!!! You will be required to fill out the necessary paperwork at the time of your installation. One of the documents you will sign is Install Verification form. It is imperative that you physically take the Install Verification form, provided by QuickStart Ignition Interlock, into the Arizona Motor Vehicle Division and reinstate your driver’s license. Your program time does not start until you are issued a Restricted Ignition Interlock Driving license. If your license does not have the words “Ignition Interlock” on it then you have not officially started the program. You will be paying for and driving with an ignition interlock device without accruing your well deserved time on the program.

Monitoring appointments typically take between 5 and 15 minutes and are performed at the ignition interlock providers place of business. You are required by Arizona state law to have the vehicle present at the time of monitoring. At the time of monitoring we will inspect the device, download the data logs from the device, and calibrate the device to insure accuracy. The information obtained from the monitoring appointments are electronically sent to the Arizona Motor Vehicle Division. Payment is taken at the time of your monitoring appointment.

The Arizona Motor Vehicle Division states that you must have the device monitored once a month for the first 3 months and then once every 60 days thereafter. Some interlock providers request you come in for your monitoring appointments on a monthly basis while others, like QuickStart ignition Interlock, allow 60 day appointments to be set after the completion of the third monitor. Failure to show up for a monitoring appointment could result in an interlock “Lock Out” which will prevent you from starting your vehicle which could lead to program termination and driver license suspension.

The Ignition Interlock Device FAQ

A: Yes. You are required to remit an “Install Verification” document, supplied to you at time of install, to MVD. You will not be credited for the time on the program until you supply the MVD with your install verification document. DON’T DELAY

A: No. The ignition interlock device is not capable of turning your vehicle off while you are driving. This would be extremely dangerous. The ignition interlock can only prevent you from starting your vehicle.

A: Yes. The Ignition interlock device will request “Running Tests” while the vehicle is running. Arizona allows 6 minutes for the test to be taken after the driver is prompted for a test. If you do not feel safe taking a breath test while driving you can pull off the road to a safe area and administer the breath test.

A: Some interlock companies might have their own policies or requirements. However, the state of Arizona does not currently have a mileage requirement. You are required to drive the vehicle to the ignition interlock provider for monitoring the device.

A: Eligibility for a 6 month deferments requires: The DUI citation was issued after January 1 2012, was a 1st time offense, was not an extreme DUI, there was not an accident or property damage associated with the DUI, completion of 16 hours of counseling, violations of the interlock program were not issued during the first 6 months of the program.

A: All of the interlock devices in the state of Arizona use fuel cell technology. Most foods will not register an alcohol reading. However, certain foods contain alcohol substrates, like sugar alcohol a low calorie sweetener. These readings are almost always too low to cause an issue. To insure there are no issues make sure you have a clean mouth cavity (absence of food in your mouth) before providing a breath sample.

A: No. You must wait until Motor Vehicle Division says you’re eligible. If you do put the device on early, the time will not count toward your program.

A: No. QuickStart Ignition Interlock simply needs a permission form to be filled out and signed by the registered owner.

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