What Every Driver Should Expect When Installing a Car Breathalyzer

car breathalyzerA DUI conviction is a life-changing event for everyone involved. This is especially true for repeat offenders. The court appearances and steep fines are a major part of being convicted with a DUI; in addition, the courts typically require repeat offenders to install a breathalyzer device in their cars to measure blood alcohol concentration (BAC) while on the road.

Currently, about 150,000 car breathalyzers have been installed in cars across the country. Planning on installing an ignition interlock device — or car breathalyzer — in your vehicle? Be ready for these three things:

How they work
Ignition interlocks prevent drunk drivers from heading out on the road by detecting one’s BAC and locking the car’s ignition if it exceeds the legal BAC limit. Studies have shown that these devices reduce the number of repeat DUI charges by about 39% — and this is true even after the driver has their ignition interlock device removed.

Meeting state and local regulations
Did you know that all car breathalyzers are required to follow both state and regulations for BAC? If your breathalyzer detects that your BAC exceeds the limit, the ignition interlock will lock your vehicle for a certain amount of time. You’ll have to re-take the breathalyzer test after this time period passes until your BAC drops below the legal limit. And remember: in a number of states, it’s possible to be arrested and even convicted of DUI even if your BAC is below 0.08.

The rolling retest
A common feature of interlock devices is the rolling retest, which requires you to blow into your car breathalyzer anywhere from five to 15 minutes after starting the car. The rolling retest will then occur at random points throughout the rest of the trip, as well. If you fail the rolling retest, your car will either sound its alarm or its horn and lights will begin to flash on and off. The only way to turn either of these off is to pull over. Once you’ve pulled over, you’ll only be able to re-start your engine once you can pass the breathalyzer test again.

Getting a breathalyzer installed in your car is one of the best ways to prevent another DUI from taking place. For more information about these devices, contact us today.

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